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Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Just look at the title, I'm sure all of you have able to know it brings a good news. Alhamdulillah (again).

As all know, all universities (IPTA) have been adjusted for a four-month semester break. Then, our semester break have been extended. It sounds great, right?

On the other hand, it was actually put pressure to me because what can I do for four months? Certainly, I need to find work to support my life.

Before the holidays start, I try to find work and I was successful.I got a job as a Research Assistant to one of my lecturers at the faculty itself. Refers to the lecturer, he told the duties of the RA is an assistant where I need to find articles related to his thesis topic. In other words, I have to help him in all matters related to the research conducted by him. He also tells how many payments will I able to. Before that, I would work three days a week and a day to just five hours of work.

(ps:rm5/jam) <--- my hourly rate!

Now, it is exactly a month I worked, and yesterday I received my salary for the last month. It was my first salary and I'm very happy for that.

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  1. kena beli sesuatu, nanti boleh ingat.. .. pakai gaji pertama aku.. :)

  2. hehe. btul3. nk beli ape ek? hmmmm (: